Praise from the Permanent Rain Press

Here’s what Vancouver’s pop culture news site the Permanent Rain Press had to say about our first single ‘More To This’ off our forthcoming EP Collide A Scope.


More To This (single)

Here is the first single from the upcoming EP ‘Collide A Scope’. This single is free! Download it below.



Cover Art

Just wanted to highlight the awesome cover that Guts & Glory did for the ‘Collide A Scope’ EP (secret cover options are also up on their site).  Thank you ladies, it was an honor to work with you!


At long last…

After a little over 1 year of steady recording, experimenting, writing, rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting.  Thousands of conversations with my producer like “can we add a bit more whomp in the outtro?”, or “the ah-ah-ahs sound a little fuzzy, can we make them creamier?” —- we’re done!

Not only that, but FACTOR think’s it’s good enough to actually give me money to get this thing out the door. Worth mentioning this is not X-FACTOR we’re talking about here .. its just FACTOR ;) — the Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (I’m Canadian). Thank you FACTOR for giving this album a +1!!  It’s the first good review of hopefully many more to come.  

It’s too early to pin down an exact release date, but I can tell you it’s going to be named “Collide A Scope”. I can also tell you there are are 6 songs all of which have passed my personal 'spine tingle' test.

More to come..


Songza, Pandora and Spotify.. Oh My!

Painted Thief EP Cover
Album art by Christian Nicolay

Before the first single from the 2014 EP is released (very soon). It’s worth celebrating the accumulated success of the Painted Thief EP - which is currently getting over 12k plays per month around the world in coffee shops, retail stores, living rooms etc. Thanks to music services like Songza, Pandora, and Spotify.

If you use any of these and you like our music, please try following the related station or artist profile - it’s a big help!  

In the meantime, for your enjoyment:

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